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ORDERING: You can now order this and many more incredible handmade Steampunk items directly from Lily herself!

Just visit her Etsy shop at:

Orders ship within 2-5 days. Fortune favors the bold!!

Channel your inner aviator whilst you relive the 'Great Inventor Era' of Victorian England with these stunning 'Steampunk' goggles! You can select any of the basic styles shown in the drop down menu below.

Style Description:

  • --Mesh Eye (can be seen through easily)
  • --Propeller (complete with gears and rotating propeller!)
  • --Clock Cog (cog shaped clock with small varying gear in center)
  • --Sparrows (with varying gears or clock. Gears will be on side also)
  • --Open Eye (filigree and embellishments will vary slightly)
  • --Clock face with Jolly Roger (completely covers eye piece with varying gears and/or small key)
  • --Victorian Cameo (w/ varying fan style and embellishments)

All styles can be customized with the Steel Ring and Eye Loops seen in the main photo. Side piece filigree and embellishments will vary slightly, creating a unique look for each pair of goggles. The 'Open Eyes' style has 2 embellished side pieces, while all other styles have 1 embellished side piece.

The Steampunk Aviator Goggles are crafted from actual industrial welding safety goggles, and are made of a sturdy, heavy gauge plastic. They are painted with a wax based metallic paint which creates a very distressed metal look. Goggles have an adjustable elastic band and fit all sizes. Goggles include DARK LENSES and CLEAR lenses that can be interchanged by unscrewing the eye piece ring. Eye piece decoration is fixed to one of the dark lenses and can be changed from right to left side or removed completely and replaced with clear lenses as desired for an alternative look.

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Lord Morgan's Tam
Highly Authentic (c. 1000 - 1460) Scottish Highlander Satin Lined Tam o'Shanter made of 100% Worsted Clan Tartan Wool, Linen or Cotton!
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Maiden's Cinch
Handmade Wenches Waist Cinchers!! The perfect way to show off your curves and give your Medieval or Renaissance Period Costume a splash of color!
Waist Cincher
Soft Waist Cinch Commonly Worn By
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Grommeted and Laced Closure.
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Ruffled Jabot
Handmade Ruffled neck Jabots to add the finishing touch on your Medieval or Renaissance Period Pirate, Captain, or English Governor's Costume! Renaissance Shirt Ruffle
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